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Content that Matters.
Campaigns that Win.

NextGen Digital Communications for the future of political movement building. 
If you're ready to campaign differently, it's time for CAMPAIGNly.

About Us

Campaignly Group is a full-service nextGen digital communications firm, specializing in innovative media content, strategy, marketing, and fundraising so our clients have a platform for success on Election Day and beyond. 


Founded by key members of Marianne Williamson for President 2020, our expert team has converted millions of grassroots supporters into highly invested campaign donors and helped fund some of the most cutting-edge campaigns in modern politics today. And 2020 was only our beginning. Campaignly is on a mission to transform campaign messaging. And we are looking to partner with political candidates and organizations that want to spark a lasting movement around their platform issues. 

Winning campaigns are built on the real issues, inspired content, and communications that matter.

Our Core Services

Welcome to the forefront of political movement building.

Our Services

Email Mobilization

We work tirelessly to ensure we've captured your unique tone and authenticity in every message.

Digital Fundraising

Our familiarity with cutting-edge analytics ensures you hit your goals at every phase of the political cycle. 


Even as digital tactics evolve, our experience ensures your ads breakthrough without breaking the bank.

Campaign Strategy

We craft bespoke cross-platform plans to ensure every piece of your program is complementary and maximally effective.

Lead Acquisitions

Our tactics for qualifying leads are leading the wave in big data disruption for politics.

Creative Design + Management

It's important you stand out from the crowd. Our creative imparts the visual impact you'll need to always be remembered.


" Christine has been a key part of co-creating this campaign and getting us to this outcome. And I’m equally if not more excited to keep working together, to be part of making this more fair just in sustainable world. "

Mayor Heidi Harmon
San Luis Obispo, California

Are you ready to campaign differently?

This is the next generation in digital politics: content that matters, for an electorate that expects more than a sound bite, campaigns who are ready to lead the way.

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