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NextGen Solutions
for Political Communications

Email Mobilization

At Campaignly, your political content becomes our cannon. 

The future of politics lies in your ability to communicate real solutions to our real problems — cutting through the noise, resonating with your constituents and proving you can lead despite the challenges that lie ahead. We use every tool at our disposal to ensure you are building sustainable long-term relationships with your community. Our email campaigns reflect your unique voice, amplify your message, and are the direct conduit to your growing supporter coalition.

Digital Fundraising

Big Data may be the greatest technology disrupter to ever hit the political landscape. But most firms don't have an analytics Ph.D. scientist to harness the power of your data to help you achieve your fundraising goals...We Do.


We're reconceptualizing digital fundraising from the ground-up so that the people working to change our nation and our world have the funds they need to succeed. 

Rapid Response Marketing

Recycled marketing tactics no longer resonate with today's savvy audiences. At Campaignly Group, we have years of expertise running national political campaigns with million dollar budgets. We know what works and what doesn’t and we have the necessary expertise to adapt to the evolving regulatory landscape to make sure you still break through to your audience. 

Digital Campaign Strategy

Our team will construct a fully bespoke multiplatform communications plan for your campaign and coordinate all messaging across your digital program. Even in rapid response moments, our team's experience on national campaigns ensures we'll know exactly how to maximize opportunities for your campaign as they present. 

Lead Acquisition and List Growth

To acquire qualified leads for your email database, we adopt a bespoke approach to the traditional acquisition campaign. Leaning into our expertise with data interpretation, we integrate feedback metrics and top-level analytics into each campaign, thus maximizing the ROI of your supporter outreach efforts.  Few campaign teams have a analytics Ph.D. scientist on staff with years of experience harnessing the power of big data—We do. 

Creative Design + Management

Our team's iterative and collaborative approach to design ensures we develop truly unique, utterly memorable ways to communicate your mission to your current audience, and new members. The end result—new, compelling, and maximally impactful visual experiences your users can't stop sharing.

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